The firm started its journey with a small residential project. Fascinated with the construction technology and beauty of British Era brick buildings, we designed The Red Brick House with thermal responsive walls, incorporated shell structures that used very minimal reinforcement steel bars, and even used clay pots in roof. The end product was a cost effective, low maintenance yet architecturally beautiful and unique adobe. 

He continued to experiment with the style for next few projects. Anju, Co founder joined him in 2010 to set up IP Design Studio LLP and added a new dimension to the architecture style and firm's vision. The firm continually experiments with new materials, style, designs and trends to accommodate the demands of its ever growing clientele.

We Believe 

An architectural design solution should be a reflection of the innovation in the construction technology, building materials and our evolved understanding of sustainability.

We are an architecture and design firm practicing and promoting people friendly architecture that is innovative and cost-effective.​


To become a full service architectural firm and maintain its widely respected reputation as a responsible and professional service provider grounded on innovation and integrity.